Climbing Up The Walls

The year is nearing its end. And so does my backlog of episodes. Meaning merely four weeks and the first never before seen bITTER!-episode will go online.

Have an interesting Weekend.


  1. As always: sweeeet & nice work on the perspective :-D


    PS: I am really eager to see an all new episode ^_^
    (Hint, hint) In case you haven’t noticed: Christmas is around the corner!
    PPS: *argh* … today I just noticed how this mega-commercial event is turning this stupid city into an even crazier place (as if that would be possible) ;-)

    1. Thank you.
      The first all new episode will be #21 and goes on-line at the first of January.
      And yes, I noticed. I can hardly hold my enthusiasm in check…

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