Go Tell Her

I think the ‘good-listener’-joke is officially dead now. Moving on.

Introducing a reoccurring setting. I drew this picture for regular use in this comic.

Next: For one time only (I promise) we will enter a new dimension in entertainment.


  1. Just to be a mean dick: somehow between somehow-realistic and comic – lately the faces are frightening me more and more – first Adam and his teeth, then the girl which dropped from upper-class to white-trash in just three episodes and now the box-shaped face of the women-understanding thing in the mauve top …. erm .. and that is not just because of me doing funny drugs! ……

    But as always: ouch!! (in a good way ;) )

    1. Ok, two things I do not get: First, why is it that the girl dropped from upper-class to white-trash? Why was she upper-class in the first place? And how do you tell by her face?
      Second, box-shaped face? Really? It is rather round, is it not?
      But you are right, Adams teeth were somewhat disturbing. But I got sick of redoing that page, so I decided to leave it that way.
      And I am pleased to see you got that little mauve reference. I would liked to use the undies reference as well. But that wouldn’t be appropriate in a pub, eh? ;)

      But as always: Thank you!!

  2. Oooops, okay, maybe written too hasty – rethinking the girl’s appearance ….
    Choosing the expensive location made her appear upper class .. and of course, because she went out with Adam made me assume that she must had been upper class … but, yep, you are right: she was trash from the beginning, the outer appearance had to be downgraded.
    Doh! @me ;-)

    @second: okay, let’s call it “moon-shaped” .. but still, it has a basic geometric appearance, somehow lacking details … mhmmm .. or maybe just draw attention to somewhere else … how about increasing the cup-size somehow (by magic, plain plastic surgery or good-will of the artist)??

    PS: as said: just to be a mean prick ;)

    1. Argh .. this (and the text I am just replying to) was intended to be a reply to “rudolpho” (whoever that mystically and magnificent creature might be).

      1. I still don’t know at what point I downgraded her appearance. Not intentionally obviously.
        And yes I aimed for the ‘moon-shaped’ face. Actually I think I didn’t made it as ‘moon-shaped’ as I imagined it… therefore I won’t draw the attention to the boobs. I keep my magic plastic surgery spell +1 for later use.

        And this is you being a mean dick? Cute. I think you have to put a lot more effort in it ;)

  3. Holy camoly batman!!! you should design videogames!!! I would play them all.

    And you wake up in an empty bar, with no memory of how you got there…

    Pls pls do it!!!!


    1. Thank you, I am flattered. But what is this about me and an empty bar? Is it another ‘Family Guy’-reference I did not get. Or is it just something you would like to see? ;)

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