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That’s it. The last episode for this year. And the last one I already posted on Toonpool before I started this blog fourteen weeks ago.

Since then I redid layouts on some episodes (for example episode six’ aspect ratio differed greatly in its first version to any other episode), I introduced a new graphical element for the narrator boxes (the ‘exclamation mark in a box’ only one reader liked; thank you very much), I slightly altered some art in three episodes (including this one) and spend about three hours in total on research to find song titles which would fit (more or less) as headlines for every episode.

Now we will see if I can keep my promise to post an episode per week. And if so for how long?

Oh, remember how I tried to lure some of you on this site by revealing the main characters name? Let me try this again for the all-new episode coming January 1, 2011: Until now we only know his first name. Then we will learn his last name as well. Isn’t it exciting? Yeah I know, you can barely hold your horses ;)

Until then, have a Happy New Year and stuff. And hopefully I will meet some of you in person before this year comes to an end.



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