Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?

Happy New Year, folks. I will not pester you with much text. Go nurse your hangover.


  1. …. myself being not too polite, I do not hesitate to point out missing “o”s :-P

    But me thinks, you are wrong about listening to fashion-talk and getting into her pants/dress/panties: if they indeed were mauve I actually (physically) could not touch them… must be something like with vampires being physically unable to stay in your house if you take back your invitation … it is just not possible!
    And that is one reason why I always ask for the color of the panties first.
    Call me paranoid, but why waste a whole evening just to end up with mauve panties?

    1. Thank you. I will correct this typo as soon as possible.
      (edit: typo corrected)

      About the mauve panties… Whatever floats your boat, eh?

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