Kum Ba Ya

This story actually happened to a good friend of mine. And I impudently used it for this comic. And it sparked the idea for the next four episodes. Thank you Hannes.

As this kicks of a five part story-arc I will, again, do mid-week postings. Meaning the next episode will be posted on Wednesday, 20 October.

On art: This is the last episode I had drawn the lineart on paper and the first I did 100% digitally. “What?” you ask. And rightly so. But yeah, I used pen and paper, scanned the inked lineart, did the layout… and threw away everything and redid the whole comic with my wacom tablet. Almost exactly as I did it on paper. I assume I had a pretty good reason for doing so. I just can’t remember what reason that might have been.


      1. Good to see you’re still around.
        And you like… uhm *love*… the next one? Why is that?

        1. .. erm, not the next trip .. the next comic :D .. which hopefully is about the exact same trip, just moments later *whistle* :-P

          BTW: it takes a while to find the “hidden” link for comments … is there a way to put those comments up front, just below those beautiful pictures? (or at least have the link in BIG n BOLD for us elderly folks (no blinking animated GIFs though, please! (I know, it is hard to resist)))

          1. thanks for the “comments”-comment. i don’t like to show the comments up front for aesthetic reasons. but I will change the link colour and maybe make it bold.
            thing is… I don’t have a fucking clue where to make the changes. since i am not a programmer (and don’t want to be) all these php- and css-files look to me as if my keyboard threw up on my monitor. but eventually I will find and change the right entry…

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